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Libraries and archives

Jagiellonian Library

The Jagiellonian Library System comprises the main research library and the libraries of JU faculties and departments.

Thanks to an exceptionally rich collection of Polish books published in Poland and abroad, the Jagiellonian Library is regarded as a national repository. The library also collects foreign language publications that are used at the university either as teaching or as research resources. The acquisition of materials on linguistics, literary studies, art and religious studies is given a priority.

All Polish books and valuable foreign publications constitute the National Library Resources, which owing to their role and value demand extraordinary protection. For this reason, the main research library has introduced security procedures which affect the collections' accessibility. The library provides online access to academic magazines and catalogues.

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Medical Library

JU MC Medical Library offers publications on medicine, pharmacy, nursing, health sciences, biology and related subjects. The library's collection is attuned to the needs of the library's users among whom are the students and employees of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as other health service employees. 

The library is a modern education centre with Wi-Fi connection and a quick access to the collection, database, electronic journals, and other sources of information. 

The book collection amounts to 296 019 volumes; some of them are stored in JU departmental libraries.

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Jagiellonian Digital Library

The Jagiellonian Digital Library is a digital platform, established in 2010 and funded by the European Union, which provides its users with electronic versions of books stored in the Jagiellonian Library as well as other university libraries. Currently more than 850,000 publications are available for reading. The Library makes it possible for the general reader to become acquainted with unique manuscripts and incunabula, such as Nicolaus Copernicus' De revolutionibus and newspapers from the 19th and early 20th century.

Contemporary academic papers are available in the Jagiellonian Digital Library via terminals located in the Jagiellonian Library due to copyright reasons.

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Other libraries

Besides University-wide libraries, the Jagiellonian University staff and students have access to numerous libraries of particular faculties, institutes, and other JU units.

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The Jagiellonian University Archives are the oldest collection of documents of their kind in Poland. There is a coupious collection of documents going back to the University's very beginnings with 800 parchment deeds, chiefly charters, privilages and legacies for the University and 500 volumes containing the resolutions passed at sessions of its authorities, registers of students, curricula, and visitors' reports. The Archive collection comprises a priceless collection of photographs. Every year thousands of researches into the Jagiellonian University's history or its fellows' or graduates' biographies, use its archival materials. The Archives conduct a publishing programme to make its collection accessible to a wider readership.        

(Abridged from Alma Mater Jagellonica, 2008)

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