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Merentibus medal

Merentibus medal is awarded for great services rendered to the Jagiellonian University. It can be given either to a person, or to an institution, from both Poland and abroad. In exceptional cases, staff members of the Jagiellonian University can also be awarded. The decision to award the medal is made by the JU Senate, following a proposal put forward by the Rector.

Each time the medal is given, an entry in the Book of the Awarded, justifying the decision, is made. The medal is awarded by the JU Rector during academic ceremonies. At the presentation ceremony, the medal recipient is also given a certificate, and the relevant entry from the Book of the Awarded is read.

"Merentibus" Medals have been given to the following persons and institutions:

In 2023:

  • Professor Olivier Martin 
  • Professor Henryk Siewierski

In 2019:

  • Professor Mario Suwalsky

In 2018:

  • Professor Wacław Uruszczak

In 2014:

  • Professor Ralph Jozefowicz

In 2013:

  • Friedrich Schiller University Jena

In 2012:

  • Professor Benjamin Michael Chain
  • Professor Cheong Byung Kwon

In 2011:

  • Professor Michael Marberger

In 2009:

  • Professor Franciszek Ziejka
  • Ruprecht-Karl University of Heidelberg
  • University of Bochum

In 2008:

  • The Catholic University of America
  • University of Orlean
  • University of Vienna

In 2007

  • Professor Piotr Sztompka
  • City of Krakow
  • Hartmut Machner
  • Andrzej Tarczyński

In 2006:

  • Professor Claudine Kieda
  • Professor Stanisław Grodziski

In 2004:

  • Professor Gunnar Boehner
  • Professor Antoni Dziatkowiak
  • St. Anne's Academic Collegiate Church
  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

In 2003:

  • Professor Tadeusz Popiela
  • Professor Alfred Schauer
  • Professor Ryszard Gryglewski

In 2002:

  • Professor Krystyna Dyrek

In 2001:

  • Professor Stanisław Waltoś
  • Professor Jean Castel