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7th Cracow Maya Conference

Date: 22.02.2018 - 25.02.2018
Organiser: JU Institute of Archaeology, JU Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, JU Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilizations
7th Cracow Maya Conference

During the 7th Cracow Maya Conference, entitled 'Touching the Face of the Earth: Human-Environmental Relations in Mesoamerica', special emphasis will be placed on the presentation of results of recent research that shows the great significance of relations between the Maya as well as other Mesoamerican societies and their surrounding natural landscape.

Life in close relation with nature has played a vital role in the processes of creation, development as well as the collapse of, for instance, the Maya civilization. Although these relations have been subjected to many transformations, they are still a very important part of life of the present-day Maya communities, which are facing new types of changes occurring under the influence of modernization processes. Some of the most important issues to be addressed during the conference are: the influence of the Maya society and people on the environment, how the people have changed and reshaped the surrounding natural world and whether there was an intense human-environmental cooperation, both nowadays and in the past. The organisers' intent is to analyze this problem from archaeological, palaeoenvironmental, archaeozoological, as well as anthropological and linguistic perspectives. Furthermore, they would like to take into consideration the latest research results and applications of the LiDAR technology, which reveals the intensity of reshaping the landscape by ancient Mesoamerican peoples. The symbolic and anthropological sphere will also be discussed, including such questions as: How the world of flora, fauna, and the physiographic elements of landscape (including mountains, caves, and rivers) were made visible in belief systems (and made manifest in iconography and epigraphy); what types of motifs from the natural world can be seen in the iconography and epigraphy, and what is their symbolism and importance within the worldview of the Maya and other Mesoamerican societies?

The conference sessions will be accompanied by the workshops "The world of fauna in Maya personal names", "The Natural World in Maya Art and Writing", and "Non-living: environment: objects, structures and places in Maya texts".

Conference fees:

Symposium & 3 day Workshop: 120 zł // 30 €

Symposium: 60 zł // 15 €

3 day Workshop: 80 zł // 20 €

Jagiellonian University students are entitled to a discount for the Symposium & 3-day Workshop.


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