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Innovative procedure on the heart

The team of invasive cardiologists led by Prof. Dariusz Dudek, Department of Hemodynamics and Angiography of the University Hospital in Kraków, performed a novel minimally invasive procedure on the heart under three dimensional echo guidance.

The removal of the heart defects was possible thanks to the introduction of an implant through the coronary artery into the patient's heart. A special mini-video-camera placed in the patient's heart enabled the doctors to place the implant in the correct position. The implant itself resembles an umbrella – once opened it fills in all the fractures.

"The operated patient had multiple atrioseptal defects, myocardial contractility disorders and heart rhythm disorders," says Prof. Dariusz Dudek. "One step procedure involved coronary angiography and an immediate consultation with an electrophysiologist in case pulmonary vein ablation and percutaneous closure of multiple heart defects were necessary. The final procedure was performed with 3D TEE guidance which allowed operators to place the occlude in the most suitable position. The procedure had perfect outcome," concludes the cardiologist.

Such complicated and innovative procedure remains an alternative to traditional open heart surgery but is less invasive and achieves comparable results.

Published Date: 27.11.2012
Published by: Mariusz Kopiejka
Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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