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Audiovisual Room in the Centre for Holocaust

The Centre for Holocaust is planning to create a unique Audiovisual Room and collect there the most important documentary and feature films produced in Central Europe and referring to the subject of Holocaust.

The Audiovisual Room will store unique films recorded on modern data storage devices. This ambitious project, presenting sixty years of changing political and social attitudes towards the Holocaust, is intended for scholars, students from Central Europe and other people interested in film accounts of the Holocaust.

There are plans to create an internet database in English and Polish with detailed filmographic specification and key words related to the subject matter of a given film (e.g. relations between Poles and Jews,  Auschwitz extermination camp, Hungarian Jews, historical politics, education in Czech and Polish schools, etc.)

Source: www.holocaust.uj.edu.pl

Published Date: 04.04.2011
Published by: Magdalena Praczyńska-Janik
Uniwersytet Jagielloński