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JU vineyard to produce ice wine

The freeze that has been so far, that is 2.5 degrees C below zero, was not strong enough to produce ice wine. The natural ice wine requires 8 degrees C below zero – says Adam Kiszka, JU Vineyard Manager.

According to him, the best time to harvest grapes is November (December at the latest). Last year, when the vineyard was carrying out first experiments with this kind of wine, the fruit was picked on the night of 11/12 November.

Ice wine is rather expensive. Its production takes longer than in the case of regular wines (fermentation lasts approximately two years and ageing – two years) and is more risky (grapes may rot before the frost comes)  and demanding (usually grapes are harvested at night and the fruit is kept and pressed in unheated spaces). Frozen grapes give more concentrated must (100 kilogrammes of frozen grapes yield 10-15 litres of must), which results in sweeter wine. 


To read more about the vineyard go to the vineyard's webpage.

Published Date: 05.11.2012
Published by: Łukasz Wspaniały
Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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