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Jagiellonian University to receive over 17 million zlotys from the National Science Centre

Over three thousand applications were submitted for the four competitions held by the National Science Centre. The results have already been announced. Over 34 JU researchers will receive the total amount of 17.5  million zlotys for the realisation of research projects and the acquisition of research equipment.

The Opus project, which attracted the greatest number of research proposals, was intended for a wide range of applicants, irrespective of their research experience. The research proposal submitted under this funding scheme may have included the purchase or construction of research equipment. 26 applications received funding (13 million zlotys) as part of this project.

2 million zlotys was allocated to 5 research projects as part of the Sonata funding scheme. This funding opportunity strives to encourage the researchers to conduct innovative research by applying state-of-the-art equipment and/or develop original scientific or academic approach. It is targeted at emerging researchers who obtained a doctoral degree within the last 5 years.

Sonata bis scheme will fund 3 projects, whose authors will receive 2.5 million zlotys for the research. The scheme was addressed to researchers with 2-12 years scientific experience since their PhD award. The aim of this funding scheme is to motivate scientists to establish a new research team and become independent research leaders.

"Approximately 25 percent of research proposals in the field of science, technology and life sciences received grants from the National Science Centre. It's a very good result," says Prof. Andrzej Jaszczyk, the Director of the National Science Centre.


Published Date: 23.11.2012
Published by: Łukasz Wspaniały
Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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