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JU researchers published in Nature

JU researchers published in <em>Nature</em>

Two JU scientists, Tomasz Kołodziej from the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science and Dr Krzysztof Szade from the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, were part of research teams whose papers have been recently published in 'Nature' and 'Nature Physics'.

Tomasz Kołodziej, a PhD student at the JU Department of Molecular and Interfacial Biophysics, co-wrote the paper Active wetting of epithelial tissues, concerned with tissue morphology. The team performed a systematic quantitative study of the mechanics of tissue wetting as a function of cell–cell and cell–matrix adhesion, ECM ligand density, ECM stiffness, tissue size, and contractility. Since their results cannot be explained solely in terms of the physics of passive fluids, they instead proved that the tissue wetting transition and dewetting dynamics are well captured by a new framework for active wetting based on an active polar fluid model of tissue spreading.

Dr Krzysztof Szade from the JU Department of Medical Biotechnology participated in a project entitled Single-cell transcriptomics of 20 mouse organs creates a Tabula Muris. The authors present a compendium of single-cell transcriptomic data from the model organism Mus musculus that comprises more than 100,000 cells from 20 organs and tissues. These data represent a new resource for cell biology, reveal gene expression in poorly characterised cell populations and enable the direct and controlled comparison of gene expression in cell types that are shared between tissues, such as T lymphocytes and endothelial cells from different anatomical locations. The cumulative data will provide the foundation for an atlas of transcriptomic cell biology.


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