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Energy Community Summer School starts in Kraków

Energy Community Summer School starts in Kraków

24 August marked the beginning of the 4th edition of the Energy Community Summer School – an annual meeting devoted to broadly understood energy market, for the first time organised by the Energy Community in one of the EU members states. The event is co-organised by the Jagiellonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology.

The meeting was officially opened in JU Collegium Maius Jagiellonian Assembly Hall by JU Vice-Rector for Research and Structural Funds prof. Stanisław Kistryn and AGH UST Vice-Rector for General Affairs Prof. Mirosław Karbowniczek. The Energy Community was represented by its Director Janez Kopač and Dean of the Energy Community Summer School Prof. Dirk Buschle.

Energy Community Summer School allows people from around the world to participate for free in lectures and workshops on issues related to energy. Admission is based on CV and an essay on a subject of choice provided by the candidates. The participants specialise in various branches of knowledge, such as energy law, energy management, and environmental protection. They come from different environments – aside from students and researchers, they also include people from outside of the academic community. Amongst the lecturers invited by the Energy Community this year are three scholars from the Jagiellonian University: Dr hab. Aleksandra Wagner, Prof. UJ (Faculty of Philosophy), Dr Ilona Przybojewska (Faculty of Law and Administration), and Dr hab. Andrzej Adamski (Faculty of Chemistry).

Energy Community Summer School will be hosted on 24–31 August. Its programme features lectures, workshops and discussions grouped into several categories: Technical Monday, Economic Tuesday, Political Wednesday, Legal Thursday, Sustainable Friday as well as Energy Debates. Participants will meet in JU Auditorium Maximum and AGH UST Centre of Energy. Additional events such as a visit at the Jaworzno Power Plant, tour of Kraków and Wieliczka Salt Mine, and student party in the Kazimierz district will also be organised.

Energy Community Summer School aims to promote the development of participants’ competences in all topics related to energy through a dedicated multi-disciplinary programme. With the help of the school, participants are to understand the energy sectors in their full complexity and provide them a platform for exchange and contribution to shaping the sectors’ future. Participants to the Energy Community Treaty take turns in acting as the host of the Summer School. Previous editions were organised in Tirana (Albania), Ohrid (North Macedonia), and Split (Croatia).

The Energy Community is an international organisation which brings together the European Union and its neighbours to create an integrated pan-European energy market. The organisation was founded by the Treaty establishing the Energy Community signed in October 2005 in Athens, Greece, in force since July 2006. The key objective of the Energy Community is to extend the EU internal energy market rules and principles to countries in South East Europe, the Black Sea region and beyond on the basis of a legally binding framework. It contains the following parties: European Union, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

For more information on Energy Community Summer School and its programme, visit its official website.

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