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International student societies

Association of International and Area Studies

The Association of International and Area Studies is a student society working within the framework of the International Relationas and Area Studies programme, offered at the JU Faculty of International and Political Studies.

AIAS and our goals:

  • Education – developing academic interests and expanding students' knowledge of international affairs and those of the world
  • Communication – integrating students interested in international relations and studies. We look at ways to promote what's happening in the world.
  • Diversity – creating a community of scholars and universal minds, where our ideas come together
  • Inspiring – sparking interest and encouraging each member development through debates, movie nights, discussion groups, conferences, special projects, study trips, publishing articles and media, etc.

Get to know us better:


How we work:

  • General Assembly – consists of all official members, there is one official meeting during a year/semester
  • Board of Coordinators – executive organ of the association. Its main responsibility is to organize and coordinate the teamwork of the members of the association.
    • President: Viktoria Prasslsberger
    • Secretary: Yegor Kovalchuk
    • Treasurer: Viktoria Chaban
    • Academic Team Coordinator: Anastasiya Kornitska
    • PR Team Coordinator: Jessica Szabla
    • Social Team Coordinator: Vita Kobiela
  • The Audit Committee – its main functions are maintaining the record of the activities of both the Steering Committee and the General Assembly of Members, and settling various disputes which might arise between members of the association.

    JOIN US for the experience and help us grow!

    Contact AIAS by e-mail, Facebook, or through the Steering & Audit committee.