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„Around Poland in Polish" – interactive online course

„Around Poland in Polish

Students interested in learning about Polish language and culture are encouraged to participate in an interactive online course "Around Poland in Polish".

"Around Poland in Polish" is a virtual tour around all regions of Poland, during which the users develop communication skills as well as learn Polish vocabulary and grammatical structures. At their disposal are two very useful tools: a grammatical compendium and a glossary containing information about interesting places, important people, heritage sites, and environmental features of each of Poland's sixteen voivodeships, with topics ranging from those generally known to more the obscure ones. The materials provided can be used as a stand alone course or as a part of a larger programme. It is the first such course in Poland which ensures that the development of language competencies goes together with socio-cultural ones, as well as a knowledge of Poland.

The course fully realises the material required by the CEFRL to achieve the A1 level of proficiency in English. It comprises 16 components, each of which is focused on a different voivodeship. Upon its completion, users can check their level of knowledge by taking a test.

Each unit of the course describes various everyday situations in the form of comic panels, dialogues and audio recordings. With them, new vocabulary and grammatical commentaries are introduced, along with a series of interactive exercises.

The project "Around Poland in Polish is a joint initiative of two units connected with the Jagiellonian University – the Jagiellonian University Student and Graduate Foundation ‘Bratniak' (project mover and funds holder) and the Centre of Polish Language and Culture in the World – and funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of the competition ‘Cooperation in the field of public diplomacy 2015'.

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