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Educational Goods and their Pedagogical Exploration

Data: 03.12.2018 - 04.12.2018
Miejsce: JU Institute of Pedagogy, ul. Batorego 12 and JU Collegium Novum, ul. Gołębia 24
Organizator: JU Institute of Pedagogy
Educational Goods and their Pedagogical Exploration

The aim of the conference is to present the results of studies in the field of education conducted both in Poland and abroad, to bring together academics specialising in this field, to deepen the identification of education as a subject of pedagogical studies, as well as reveal new research domains related to the problem of educational goods.

Education is commonly associated with school, teaching and learning. Education frequently becomes a politicized area, subject to ideologisation, technocratisation and instrumentalisation. It has been used for pursuing and attaining manifold goals established by different subjects (collective and individual, public and private). Is such an approach to education justified and how does pedagogics see this issue? To what degree does the field uphold such an understanding of education and to what degree does it extend beyond it?

The proposed topic of the conference invites the participants to ponder on the meaning of education understood either widely, as an upbringing and instruction, or narrowly, exclusively as instruction. It is interesting to note that such perspectives on education within which upbringing is reflected in instruction and vice versa, capture the relational character of the two processes as well as their mutual interconnections that remain crucial for pedagogics and its identity. From this viewpoint, it is easier to ask questions about educational goods – those products of education that distinguish it from other activities. Namely, what distinguishes education from other social practices and when is it irreplaceable? What resources does it have at its disposal? Why do we value it? What does it equip us with and what does it allow for? What do we expect from it? How can it be helpful? These questions about educational goods extend beyond the practices of upbringing and instruction alone.

How does pedagogics as an academic discipline manages these goods? How does it explore them? How does it justify the uniqueness of educational goods, for example via research and argumentation? Which goods are considered to be goals in themselves (autotelic) and which are understood to be means to achieve other goals (instrumental)? How does pedagogics explore, describe, explain, justify and identify as valuable the particular educational goods, e.g. humanity, development, moral character and personality, self-reliance, health, professional preparation, knowledge, wisdom, civility, socialization, entrepreneurship, citizenship, etc.? How does it understand these goods from the dichotomous perspective of upbringing and instructing? How does it study these two aspects within various sub-disciplines? To what extent is pedagogics influenced by ideas and practices developed over centuries in our civilization, including the legacy of Polish thought and educational practices?

The conference will include plenary speeches, thematic presentations, and poster sessions. Papers can be delivered in Polish or English.

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

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