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10th Cracow Conference of Psychology and Law

Data: 26.10.2019 - 27.10.2019
Organizator: JU Institute of Psychology, JU Psychology and Law Student Research Group, Institute of Forensic Research in Kraków
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10th Cracow Conference of Psychology and Law

The annual international Cracow Conference of Psychology and Law (CCPL) is the largest Polish meeting devoted to forensic psychology. Each year, the organisers invite prominent experts whose research is related to issues at the intersection of psychology, psychiatry and law.

Since its first edition, the CCPL aims at creating an interface of understanding between practitioners and academics involved in all sorts of topics related to psychology, psychiatry and law. Another important objective is to promote knowledge and research in the field of forensic psychology.

The organizers of CCPL would also like to encourage students of the aforementioned disciplines to raise their qualifications and competences in the field of forensic sciences through active involvement in learning process and gaining practical skills (a special panel session dedicated to students will be launched during this year’s edition of CCPL).

The Cracow Conference of Psychology and Law also aims at emphasizing the practical character of forensic psychology as a science. Therefore, the participants of each edition include not only academics but also practitioners, such as court experts, representatives of justice, etc.

The papers will be related to the following topics:

  • practical aspects of assessments for justice needs
  • psychological and psychiatric assessments in civil legal proceedings
  • memory, cognition and witness statements from forensic science perspective
  • application of psychological and psychiatric knowledge to criminology and forensics.
  • dealing with an addict – the psychiatric, psychological, and legal perspective
  • working with people in detention
  • sexual offences

The priority in the paper selection process is given to those authors who have conducted their own research. The languages of the conference will be Polish and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided throughout the conference.

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