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Centre for Technology Transfer CITTRU


Specialisation: • Innovative Offer of the Jagiellonian University • Finding Business Applications • Know-How Transfer • Legal Protection of Discoveries • Patents • Licenses • "On Request" Research • Innovation Marketing • Market Analysis • Consulting

Contact: ul. Czapskich 4, 31-110 Kraków,




  • Technological Offer of the Jagiellonian University. The Jagiellonian University portfolio comprises more than 150 new market products and services. The portfolio refers to various fields of knowledge such as chemistry (new materials including nanomaterials and biomaterials, industrial catalysts, air and water protection technologies, new methods of chemical synthesis), biomedicine (new therapies and drugs for treatment of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, peripheral neuropathy, central nervous system diseases, new medical products and preventive coatings for osseous implants), as well as devices and measuring equipment (new techniques for medical imaging, magnetometry, monitoring of atmospheric phenomena, laboratory analytics, equipment for measuring physiochemical properties of materials, and improvements for electronic systems).
  • "On Request" Research Offer. More than 80 research teams are prepared to provide their research services for business, public institutions, and other research centres. The offer covers a wide range of topics in the six areas: analytical chemistry, medicine and pharmacy, mathematics and computer science, environment, new materials, the humanities and society.
  • Collaboration of Scholars with Economic Environment. CITTRU is responsible for the complex coordination of economic cooperation of science and business: from identifying research projects with application potential, through analysis of market potential of the obtained results, their legal protection, marketing and active search of technology buyers, to the conclusion of commercial contracts. In case of "on request" studies, CITTRU is also responsible for the legal and administrative coordination of "on request" studies.


A key activity of CITTRU is identifying and starting business cooperation with companies: prospective buyers of innovations developed at the Jagiellonian University and clients of research services. Every year, CITTRU establishes cooperation with various national and international companies (e.g. Simcyp from Great Britain, and Unilab from the United States) regarding selling rights to discoveries made by the Jagiellonian University scholars or funding further research aimed at increasing the functionality of the discovery (implementation work). Moreover, CITTRU initiates industry meetings with business representatives in various countries and with international organisations that promote the cooperation of science with business (e.g. ASTP Proton). In creating scientific consortia with business (e.g. the US-based Unilab Inc.), it is important for this unit of the Jagiellonian University to be active, as it allows joint research and development projects to be implemented as well as to optimise developed "scientific products" to fit the needs of the market.

In 2007, CITTRU developed and implemented the first regulations in Poland concerning the business applications of research results achieved by scholars from the Jagiellonian University. It provides comprehensive support to scholars in the process of transferring "scientific products" to business. It effectively coordinates the efforts of the Jagiellonian University in obtaining patent protection for discoveries (56 patents, more than 270 patent applications in Poland and abroad), as well as supports research teams in implementing studies for external entities: 115 studies for business partners from Poland and abroad, e.g., the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, for a total value of PLN 5.5 million (2008–2014).

CITTRU is engaged in actively marketing the innovative offer of the Jagiellonian University during national and international trade fairs as well as networking meetings with business partners from, e.g. the United States, China, Russia, and most EU countries. These actions have resulted in several dozen prizes and distinctions for the Jagiellonian University innovations such as two gold medals during the 29th Annual INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition fair), a gold medal in Moscow during the 17th ARCHIMEDES 2014 (The Moscow Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies), and two gold medals during the BRUSSELS INNOVA 2013 fair.

These actions have resulted in obtaining business partners for joint-research and implementation projects, as well as finding business applications for discoveries, e.g., software for the evaluation of the cardiotoxicity of drugs, photocatalytic materials for the disinfection of plastics, and the CleanCut technology for recombinant protein production.

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