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Office for Research

ul. Czapskich 4
31-110 Kraków
Phone: 12 663 30 00
Office for Research
ul. Czapskich 4
31-110 Kraków

The Office for Research is responsible for broadly understood research and educational projects management, including:

  • informing about upcoming competitions
  • consultancy on applications submitted by the University units
  • registration in SAP system
  • supervision of the consortium or grant agreement preparation process
  • preparation of powers of attorney for project managers
  • consultancy regarding all possible changes in the projects
  • producing statistics on the ongoing projects
  • assistance in producing yearly, temporary and final reports.


The Office for Research manages projects within the following Polish and international programmes:

  1. Polish programmes

1. National Science Centre programmes - within the framework of competitions held four times a year:

a) Opus – for research project funding, including the purchase of research apparatus

b) Sonata – for funding unique research projects carried out by PhD degree holders who start their academic career

c) Sonata Bis – for a new research team led by a person who obtained an academic degree or title no earlier than 10 years before submitting the application

d) Preludium – for funding research projects carried out by persons without a PhD degree who start their academic career

e) Maestro – for pioneer research by experienced researchers

f) Symfonia – for interdisciplinary projects by eminent researchers

g) Fuga – for doctoral internship funding

f) Etiuda –  for doctoral fellowship funding

g) Beethoven – for funding joint Polish-German projects in the field of social sciences, humanities and arts

h) Harmonia – for funding research projects that are part of international collaboration schemes

i) Hera – for international research projects in humanities

j) Polonez – for funding research projects by visiting researchers.


2. Ministry of Science and Higher Education programmes

a) Diamentowy Grant – for especially talented first-cycle studies alumni and students who have completed the third year of long-cycle studies, under the supervision of an academic advisor

b) Mobilność Plus – funding for research and development stays at foreign research centres 

c) Granty na granty support for Polish coordinators of EU research programmes who want to run their projects within the framework of these programmes

d)  Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistyki – a programme comprising a number of schemes to facilitate the integration between Polish and European humanities 

e) IUVENTUS PLUS – support for research by distinguished young academics resulting in articles published in the most prestigious academic journals

            f)  Prime Minister's Awards

g)  Fellowships for eminent young researchers

h)  Investments in research apparatus and facilities


3. Foundation for Polish Science programmes

a) Scholarship programmes:  MISTRZ,  START

b) Investment and equipment programmes


4. National Centre for Research and Development programmes

            ERA-NET programmes, whose aim is to build the European Research Area (ERA), characterised by a free flow of knowledge, researchers' mobility, and close research collaboration.   


  1. International Programmes


  1. HORIZON 2020, including Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions and ERC grants
  2. ERASMUS +
  3. Projects by various foreign foundations and organisations, such as the National Institute of Health, Welcome Trust, Visegrad Fund, Rothschild Foundation,  Criminal Justice, Tempus, etc.
  4. AXA-FUND.


Head of the Office for Research

Ms Iwona Brzozowska 
tel.: 12 663-30 00


Contact Information

Address: ul. Czapskich 4, 31-110 Kraków

Phone: 12 663 30 00, 12 663 30 01
Fax: 12 430 14 89

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