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I Congress of Polish Translation Studies: Concepts – Methodologies – Actions

Date: 19.05.2022 - 21.05.2022
I Congress of Polish Translation Studies: Concepts – Methodologies – Actions

Polish translation studies is a vast, diverse, multifaceted, open and active research space, surprising not only because of its richness and self-awareness of its own history, multitude of methodological concepts, broad perspectives as well as wide variety and high precision of analytical tools, but also its vigorous activities aimed at reintegrating historically scattered branches of knowledge and increasing prestige within modern humanities.

The organisers of the Congress hope it will enhance the visibility and show appreciation of Polish translation studies centres. It will provide an opportunity for translation researchers from various academic fields and schools of thought to meet with one another, start collaborative projects, find new areas of study and forge interdisciplinary and interinstitutional partnerships that will raise the efficacy of their research, making it more competitive on the international level.

The overarching goal of the Congress will be to present a diagnosis of Polish translation studies and predict its future development. The organiser want to provide a platform for presenting and confronting professional competencies, possible avenues of research activity and opinions on the status, place, role, methods and subjects of translation studies in modern humanities, most explored, desirable and acceptable approaches to translation studies in the community, dogmas and points of contention in modern translation studies as well as its institutional situation: the forms of research organisation and development perspectives, teaching programmes and current initiatives and other endeavours.

The event is directed to representatives of all research centres that carry out projects related to translation studies. The Congress will feature plenary lectures, presentations, and plenary discussions devoted to key problems of Polish translation studies, including increasing the competencies of researchers and teaching doctoral students.

Registration for the Congress is closed.