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Cooperation networks

The Jagiellonian University is an excellent example of an institution participating in networks since its very beginnings. It has joined both the oldest European Coimbra Group network as well as the youngest European Universities Initiative within the framework of Una Europa alliance. The university has assisted the evolution of networks, especially over the last ten years. JU representatives have been also gradually joining or co-creating various networks evolving step by step in order to form deeper partnerships. As a result, those activities allow the university to implement more effectively principles of the University's strategy. Central coordination of JU participation in networks with a designated authority as well as administrative coordinator makes it easier to manage and harmonise all wide range of activities and thematic areas offered by the networks. It also helps finding and exploiting synergies between the networks.

For more information on the Jagiellonian University's activity within the framework of cooperation networks, please follow the NetworkUJ newsletter.