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Student services

The goal of the Careers Service is to offer JU students and alumni assistance and support in an effective job search and career development by:

  • providing access to tailor-made career advice,
  • organising and conducting training for job seekers,
  • providing information about jobs and educational market,
  • conducting research projects,
  • being professional, impartial and discreet.


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Disability Support Service is committed to equality of opportunity for students with diabilities, regardless of how serious or extensive they are.

We embrace the constitutional law guaranteeing persons with disabilities education, work and participation in social affairs, which, we believe, is ethically commendable and economically justified. In our mission we have been guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of 2006, which Poland signed in March 2007. We support all initiatives which aim at putting the UN guidelines into practice and the efforts to pass the anti-discrimination law in Poland.

In our philosophy and work we try to follow the ideas of tolerance and open-mindedness first spread in Poland by the royal Jagiellonian dynasty in the 14th-16th centuries.

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Student Centre for Support and Adaptation "SOWA" is a project of the Jagiellonian University and the University Hospital in Kraków addressed to Jagiellonian University students. In the centre you can talk to a qualified person about mental health problems affecting your studies, work or private life. You can also participate in thematic support groups.

The offer is addressed not only to Polish, but also English-speaking students. Apart from experiencing challenges faced by the majority of young people starting their studies at universities (moving out of the family home, shaping their own identity, adapting to the role of a student, learning efficient time management), foreign students struggle additionally with culture shock, related to language barriers, homesickness, loneliness, and social differences. Participation in an adjustment support group will help you in preventing negative effects of the adjustment period and will give you tools to effectively deal with personal and academic issues in a foreign country.


The Jagiellonian University Centre for Distance Learning is a university-wide unit whose role is to promote academic e-learning, to support new teaching methods and strategies and to offer assitance to university teachers in developing Internet-based classes and running them.

The Centre focuses on:

  • offering workshops on Internet-based classes and courses,
  • offering help and advice on using JU e-learning facilities,
  • developing online resources related to e-learning (free e-documents, EU funds, conferences).

Website (in Polish)

The Student Government consists of all Jagiellonian University students. The members of the Student Government are elected by the student community. The main task of the Student Government is to represent the interests of students.

Website (in Polish)

The tasks of the Rector's Proxy for Student Safety and Security include:

  • danger prevention,
  • promotion of safe behaviour and methods of avoiding risks,
  • providing victims with support and information about access to specialist help

Ms Katarzyna Jurzak is the current Rector's Proxy for Student Safety and Security

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The Queen Jadwiga Fund was established to commemorate the grand decision of the Queen who bequeathed her entire private wealth to restore the Kraków Academy and thus initiated 600 years of scholarly and teaching activity of the Jagiellonian University. The aim of the Fund is to aid scholars and PhD students from Central-Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union and the Balkan area, who plan to conduct their research in Kraków. The original creators of the Fund hope that this initiative will lead to closer ties between scholars from this part of Europe.

Website (scroll down for the English version)

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