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E-sign: save trees, money, and time!

How would you feel if you received the admission decision electronically, as soon as it is signed by the faculty admission board or the Rector? And how about reducing the application fee, saving trees, and having easy online access to public services night and day? All this can be true with an ePUAP account. Apply for Trusted Profile, which will not only make the admission process more convenient, but will also allow you to deal with official matters online in many other public institutions. Leap at the opportunity to receive the admission decision through Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP) using Trusted Profile.


Save money, time, trouble and be eco-friendly – create an ePUAP account!


If you create an ePUAP account and obtain a Trusted Profile or a secure electronic signature, you will be able to receive the admission decision or decisions as soon as they are signed by the faculty admission board or the Rector. And if all your decisions are sent online, your application fee(s) (75 zlotys) will be reduced by 15 zlotys each, which will be repaid when the admission process is over.

Simple and free – apply for Trusted Profile

Trusted Profile is a free authentication method which can be used in contacts with public administration in Poland through ePUAP platform. It is a much simpler alternative for the secure electronic signature. Trusted Profile works in the same way as a payable electronic signature, providing an unambiguous identification of an ePUAP account user. The Profile may be authenticated for free by one of the following institutions: city office (urząd miasta), voivodeship office (urząd wojewódzki), tax office (urząd skarbowy), Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych – ZUS), consulate or other authorized public service institutions. See the complete list of such units here. All you will need to verify your profile is a proof of ID.


Faster and more effective – how to receive a decision using an ePUAP account?

To sign up for the electronic decision delivery simply:

  • create an individual (free) ePUAP account here: epuap.gov.pl,
  • find the ‘documents delivery mode' form in your individual OAS account, choose ‘electronically through the ePUAP platform' option, and then enter all data required,
  • obtain a Trusted ePUAP Profile or the secure electronic signature.

For detailed information on how to create an ePUAP account, authenticate the Trusted Profile, and  receive the admission decision in the electronic form saving the time, money and trouble, visit the section ‘e-signature in admission process' on Department of Admissions and Online Application System websites.

Remember, you can only change the documents delivery mode from regular mail to electronic mail no later than on the last day before the announcement of the first ranking list for the study programme you have applied for!

Published Date: 21.06.2012
Published by: Mariusz Kopiejka
Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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