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Workshop ‘Time Crystals and Related Phenomena’

Data: 04.09.2019 - 06.09.2019
Miejsce: JU Collegium Novodvorscianum, ul. Św. Anny 12
Organizator: JU Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science
Witryna internetowa:
Workshop ‘Time Crystals and Related Phenomena’

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts and young researchers working on time crystals and periodically driven systems and to exchange knowledge and experience.

Time crystals are quantum systems which are able to reveal condensed matter behaviour but in the time domain. Research on time crystals, initiated by Frank Wilczek in 2012, is developing rapidly. There are different concepts of time crystals and there are many interesting open problems related to time crystals and to periodically driven systems in general.

The workshop will be held at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, 4-6 September 2019 in the 17th century historical Collegium Medicum building located in the city centre of Kraków. It will also be a satellite meeting of the BEC 2019 conference that will take place in Sant Feliu, Spain,  8-12 September 2019.

The number of participants is limited to 60.

Invited speakers:

  • Monika Aidelsburger (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich)
  • Sean Barrett (Yale University)
  • Rainer Blatt (Universität Innsbruck)
  • Nathan Goldman  (Université libre de Bruxelles)
  • Lingzhen Guo (Max Planck Institute, Erlangen)
  • Peter Hannaford (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
  • Dieter Jaksch (University of Oxford)
  • Wolfgang Ketterle* (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Vedika Khemani* (Harvard University)
  • Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO, Barcelona)
  • Mikhail Lukin* (Harvard University)
  • Christopher Monroe (University of Maryland)
  • Chetan Nayak (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Mordechai Segev (Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa)
  • Klaus Sengstock (Universität Hamburg)
  • Georgy Shlyapniokov (Université Paris Sud)
  • Peter van der Straten (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Masahito Ueda (The University of Tokyo)
  • Frank Wilczek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

* to be confirmed

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

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